Common Work Injuries

Common Work Injuries in Georgia

Allen Turner Law’s client examples of common Georgia workplace injuries:

  • Repetition and Overuse – An overuse or repetitive injury develops when a repetitive task or activity is required at work.
  • Assaulted on the Job – Workplace violence. An assault on the job can cause an injury which can be work related.
  • Slipping & Falling – In many cases, floors can be hazardous and lead to injuries related to some type of work related fall.
  • Falling Down – This may be the result of a misplaced object or clutter/cleanliness issues,
  • Being Struck by an Object – Objects often fall from high locations such as shelves or roofs that can injure workers when hit.
  • Machine Related Accidents – A machine related injury is commonly caused by some type of machinery catching or crushing body and limb of the operator.
  • Lifting and Pulling – By far, this type of injury is the most common. Lifting and pulling heavy items often cause back, neck, arm or leg pain and can be debilitating.

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