Child Support

One of the main causes for distress during a divorce that includes children is child support. Parents who do not have primary custody may want to provide for their child, but worry about the impact of large and financially crippling payments. While parents who have primary custody worry about whether or not they will be able to support the child at the appropriate level.

Since 2007, child support in Georgia is based on an income shares model that accounts for gross income of both parties, number of children needing support, the amount paid by each parent for health insurance, medical care, day care, and a child’s extracurricular activities, and other factors. These factors are compared to a Child Support Obligation Table to get the basic Obligation of Child Support for each parent. Because of this rigid new system, it is extremely important that the courts are given accurate information about each spouse’s income and earning potential.

The amount of child support due may be modified due to the cost of medical insurance and work-related childcare. Other reasons for modification include extraordinary education expenses, extraordinary medical expenses, special expenses that go beyond seven percent of the basic child support obligation, or parenting time obligations.

Making sure this worksheet is completed fully and correctly is a daunting tasks, and you would be well-advised to get help with any divorce involving children.

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