Workers Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

Workers Compensation / Disability Claim – Common Questions and Answers

Q: How much money can I expect to receive as a result of this claim?

A: This is a question asked by hundreds of my clients. I am sure each and every injured individual has thought about this to some degree but there is no easy answer. Final settlement amounts vary depending on the whether there is a permanency rating, the severity of the injury, the length of time off of work, any past or projected future medical costs, etc.

Our experienced workers’ compensation Team at Allen Turner Law has several locations in the metro Atlanta area and they are ready to discuss the particular facts of your case and assess what your workers compensation case is really worth.

Q: How long before I can receive a final settlement in my case?

A: This, of course, varies depending on many factors. Factors such as the severity of the injury, the length of appropriate diagnostics and medical care, and the age of the claim itself. The dedicated, skilled and experienced workers’ comp lawyers at Allen Turner Law will promptly file a claim for benefits and request a hearing on your behalf if there are any issues to be litigated. Rest assured we will seek to force your employer/carrier to submit to the Georgia Workers Compensation Statute and treat you fairly.

Q: Why do I need a Workers Comp Attorney such as Allen Turner to file a claim for benefits?

A: Most Insurance companies along with their adjusters, attorneys and staff pay very little attention to unrepresented individuals in workers compensation accident claims. The trained Georgia workers’ compensation team at Allen Turner Law will fight to serve your best interest. Recent studies indicate that claimants who settle their claims directly with the insurance companies typically recover less than one-third the amount of those represented by a workers’ compensation attorney. Don’t be taken advantage of. We are aggressive and will fight hard to help you reach your full potential medically and then we will evaluate your specific case and get you the highest settlement possible.

Q: Like many Georgia families money is tight right now. How much will it cost For Allen Turner Law to represent me?

A: Not one cent until we get you the settlement you deserve. There are no up-front costs. When we win or settle your claim in Workers Compensation our fee will be a reasonable 25% of the benefits obtained on your behalf by our firm.

Q: What can we do if my claim is denied?

A: We are totally dedicated to our client’s success. If your claim is denied it is not over. Please call our Workers Compensation Team at Allen Turner Law for an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Metro Atlanta who will begin fighting for you the moment you join us.

Q: Is it true that companies can fire people after they file a claim for workers compensation in Georgia?

A: The truth is not pleasant. Georgia is a “right to work” state. To be perfectly candid, unless you have a contract with your former employer (which few people have), you are classified as an “at will” employee. There are only a handful of exceptions and your employer can fire you at any time and for any reason. Typically, employers are reluctant to fire injured workers as it can open them up to additional exposure, but it does happen. Our team will help resolve these issues as they arise and do our best to mitigate all potential consequences. Your claim completely survives your employment status. This is because your workers’ compensation claim exists independently of your employment status. If your employer has fired you after a work-related injury in Georgia, our workers’ compensation lawyers will do everything in our power to fight for the benefits to which you are entitled. We have your goals and best interests in our sights at all times.

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